Dr. Marie ( “Dr. C.”) grew up in both Colorado and Louisiana. She spent her undergraduate years at Louisiana State University, studying microbiology and business law. She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) from Louisiana State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. (Geaux Tigers!)

The next year and a half she spent in New York City, completing an internship in medicine and surgery at the Animal Medical Center.

Following her internship, she served as staff veterinarian for the Aquarium of the Americas, at the Audubon Institute of New Orleans, before entering private practice.

Dr. C has lived in Estes Park for over 25 years, and is an active community member. In the past she has been part of the Rotary Club and the Fine Arts Guild Board of Directors. She served for eight years on the Estes Park School Board, including time as president, and she is currently on the board of the Estes Valley Recreation and Park District and a member of the Roof Top Rodeo Committee.

Dr. C has two children, Nathan and Lexi, plus a menagerie that includes Gus, a goldendoodle, kittens Twix & Rosie. She really would love to get a goat.

Justin Zentmire has lived in Estes Park since the third grade. He is the proud parent of dog Logan and dog Rhett.

He is a mild-mannered vet tech by day, and a comic book fanatic by night! We’re sure your pet will think he’s a superhero. Found the love of his life at the Animal Hospital of the Rockies and married  Christy Shane in October 2016. We are excited to announce that they are expecting a new baby, one of human form.

Justin’s favorite part about working at Dr. C’s is getting to meet different types of animals and the people that love them. He is soon celebrating his 5 year anniversary with us…he is a lifer!




taehlor-gordonTaehlor Gordon is a superwoman–new mom to a beautiful daughter, guardian of an awesome dog named Patch, and soon to be veterinary technician!

Taehlor grew up in Colorado riding horses, and she still loves to ride whenever she can. She especially loves riding in Rocky Mountain National Park, because it’s so beautiful there.

Her favorite part about working at Dr. C’s is learning new things every day. Even though she spells her name funny we still love her here at the Animal Hospital of the Rockies.



Collin-RuizCollin Ruiz has a cat named Gigi, and he enjoys drawing and hiking.

Collin grew up in Estes Park, and has another quintessentially Estes Park job–he also works at the Aerial Tramway in the summer. Stop by and say ‘hi’ on your way up the hill.

Collin says ‘It’s fun!’ working at Dr. C’s.



scottScott Ashton has called Pinewood Springs home for almost 20 years, and first encountered Animal Hospital of the Rockies, LLC, via his dogs, Alex and Koko. Now that Scott is retired, he thought that hanging out at Dr. C’s and playing with dogs would be a great way to earn beer money.

Scott hails from Wisconsin, where he grew up with a collie named Laddie.

Don’t tell him, but we unearthed this childhood home movie:

Scott is a Packers fan who enjoys playing guitar, and playing with the dogs at Dr. C’s!

Sean Overly Prochaska has lived in Estes Park all his life. He is the proud father to his dogs: Brutus, Caesar, and Han; as well as his cat, Blue. 

He puts his heart and mind into his work and will make sure every animal is well taken care of. He loves to work hard and will do anything for you and your pets.

He is seen a lot over at the Estes Park Dog park. Say hi to him and you will get to know the good in him.

ChipChip the Gerbil is our Senior Clinic Mascot. He is an excellent architect, whose preferred mediums are aspen shavings and hay.

Chip does not enjoy exercise, instead choosing to bury his exercise wheel rather than run on it. He also enjoys the occasional spin in his critter cruiser.

Although Chip is greatly disturbed by the number of nose prints on the outside of his home, his annoyance can easily be remedied by offering a yogurt treat. Give him one of those, and you’ll be his friend for life, or at least for as long as his little gerbil memory allows him to remember you.

GarfieldGarfield the Cat is our Second in Command Clinic Mascot, and has no problem being bossed around by a gerbil since he’s such a chill cat.

Garfield is a snuggly-schnoozle-love bug, and, appropriate for a Colorado cat, he likes getting high… on catnip! This may contribute to his mellow vibe…

budgiesZ and Matilda round out our resident zoo. Budgerigars, commonly known as budgies or parakeets, are native to Australia and are the third most popular pet in the world after dogs and cats.

Both of them like to talk. A lot!

The third bird in the photo is Pear, who recently went over the Rainbow Bridge. 🙁 RIP, Pear!