The Cone of ShameWe offer an in-house pharmacy for your pet’s medication needs, including flea and tick control.  We can provide home delivery of some medications via UPS.

There are many misconceptions about pet pharmacies.  One is that a human pharmacy works just as well as a pet pharmacy for your pet’s medications.  This is decidedly not the case–many medications that are approved for animal use are not stocked by human pharmacies.  Also, most pharmacists are not familiar with the dosing requirements unique to pets.

Another misconception is that veterinarians are out to make money off of medication, and that online pharmacies are a cheaper and better substitute.  Unfortunately, there are many fraudulent online pharmacies selling counterfeit drugs!  Here is a helpful article about buying pet medication online courtesy of the FDA.

Please keep your pet safe and buy only through reputable pharmacies.

Please note: we can legally dispense medication only to those pets who are patients of ours.  If you are just visiting Estes Park, we cannot dispense medication to your pet, but we can help direct you to a local provider.